Our Team

Krishna Shinde

Co-founder localview.in

Guru Shinde

Co-founder localview.in

Pavan Shinde

Co-founder localview.in

Ajay Kamble

Business Administrator localview.in

Praneet Revankar

Business Administrator localview.in

Vinay Kamble

Marketing Manager localview.in

Poonam Kamble

Advertising Manager localview.in


Business Info


Founded on April 15, 2018.

"Let's all business/Products to reach customer's worldwide"

More Info

We originated from village JUGUL

localview.in Developed for all types of Businesses/Products.

Here you can Register,advertise your business/Products .

Also you can sell your products Online.

We help all Business/Products to reach more customers.

localview for innovative idea's

let's help us to improve our service by your innovative idea's and you can work with us to implement it on everyones life.

localview.in is open platform for all minds,will see improvement in world by your innovative ideas

share your idea here we will conatct you for more info Suggest Idea's


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